Branding • Philadelphia 76ers

Orchestrated a comprehensive brand refresh and internal/external roll-out to establish credibility and drive brand value. I spearheaded the redesign of over 75 logos within the 76ers brand ecosystem, taking what was a series of one-off designs and strengthening into a family, each logo laddering up to the brand with the wink of the "76" within. We established a point-of-view on when and how each color, logo and typeface should be used.

Sampling of ancillary logo system:

Brand guide unis 1.png
Brand guide merch.png
Brand guide color.png
Brand guide e-mail.png
The Sixers have the best top-to-bottom collection of iconography in the league. They know it, too. They don’t overthink with design overhauls or crazy colors. They search out small tweaks that build on historic themes, and they almost always nail them: stars mounted on a blue stripe down the side of one jersey; cursive writing across another; the persistence of that Wilt-era “PHILA” wordmark; and their new Liberty Bell-themed alternate court (complete with crack). Everything is simple, and gorgeous.
— Zach Lowe, ESPN
The Sixers branding game is so f*#$ing on point right now.
— Kyle Scott, Crossing Broad