Hello! My name is Brian Adams. (No, no, no, not the singer.) I’m a brand visionary with a bursting spirit to translate big ideas into simple, digestible moments that turn into conversations.

I’m driven to do great things with great people.  Speaking of great people, my wife is my creative partner in crime and we were lucky to have the cutest little humans to set foot on this planet.  I won’t get into any fatherly brag moments, but let's just say that we are a family of overachievers even at 6 and 5.  I'm lucky in that my work feels like my hobby- because I get to spend my day doing what I’m made up of: creativity, passion, influence, leadership and a dash of thrash (hey, comes with the territory.) 

I believe every moment is an opportunity to put our unique stamp on things, to "sign our name." So I move through these moments giving impromptu pep talks, swimming 20 more laps than last time, yelling with joy when we "got the shot," livening the presentation, having dance-offs with my kids, wearing silly hats, clinking glasses with my wife after the kids are in bed and enjoying a great cappuccino whenever I can.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to check out some of my work. Feel free to reach out to me here.